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You can find high quality teak dining tables at ADC Guntlisbergen in Eindhoven, the Netherlands. In 50 years we have grown to be the place to be for everyone who is looking for high quality, unique furniture. You won’t find our furniture in any other store. The same goes for our eye catchers and accessories. You will only find these high quality, unique furniture at ADC Guntlisbergen.

Teak dining tables and other high quality, unique furniture

We have several teak dining tables in our extensive collection. We created two unique collections including teak dining tables. In our Rustical Teak Louvre Collection you find various kinds of teak dining tables. A classic style and picnic table style, both in a wooden and white colour. Both tables, and the whole collection has a unique classic French style. We also have teak dining tables from the Rustical Teak Collection. They have a real rustic and antique look and feel.

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Want to know more about our collections and teak dining tables? You can see, feel and experience all of our unique pieces in our 15.000 square meter showroom. Our staff is more than happy to guide you through our showroom and tell you all about our furniture. You are more than welcome!

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